Welcome to our group. Our goal is to help as many Great Dane rescues as we can. 20% of all sales from this website will go directly to the rescue the buyer selects.. Checks will be electronically submitted at the end of each month. All rescues will be contacted and must be verified before becoming eligible for funding.

After completing & submitting this sign-up form, we will send you an email letting you know your rescue has been verified as a non-profit and will be added to the website. When you receive this email please announce through your social media platforms that GreatDaneTees.com is sponsoring a fund raiser with your rescue receiving 20% of the entire order, and they need to choose your rescue when placing an order for your to benefit. Let us know when this is posted.


If this announcement is not made within 4 working days, you will be removed from this website.

This only works if we support each other.

Great Dane Rescue Sign Up Form

You are fulfilling a great cause and we want to help anyway that we can.

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