This has a variety of Great Dane sized items that your pet will love!


• 1 ea. 7” Deluxe Bully Chews (turkey, chicken or lamb)

• 1 ea. Freeze Dried Bully Sticks or Beef Nibs

• 1 ea. Power Plush Shark (12" x 6")

• 1 ea. Beef Cheek Rolls Large Wrapped (12" - 10")

• 1 ea. Origami Pals Hippo by Multipet (Large)

• 1 ea. 4" Car Magnet ( A Dog is the Only Relative, Peace Love Rescue, Rescued Dogs Rock,  Real Men Love Dogs, "Woof" Oval Magnet or Paw Prints on our Heart Forever)


If you request which item you want we will try to accomodate, but can not garantee it. All items are for large dogs.

First Bundle Box

Great Dane Rescue to receive 20%

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