Why Great Danes?

Anyone who has or ever has owned a GD will tell you these remarkable companions will change your life forever. If you try to explain this to a non-Great Dane person (as most of us have) they think you have lost your mind. My wife thought that, until we rescued Siggy, who has taken over our world, more about Siggy later.

Having had two Great Danes....


Cleopatra Dana, Cleo for short, was 8 weeks old and became a 90 lb. fawn colored GD who was always by my side. She came from a Champion breeder in Sweetwater, Texas that was going to put her down because she was small and had one white toenail. I did not care about a show dog or winning awards, I wanted a pet. She crossed the Rainbow Bridge after 13 years.

Next came Barnabas John Dane (yes, it was on purpose). Barney, who was a large 9 week old puppy, became a large 180 lb. lovable family member and was always around my two sons and myself. Barney passed after only 6 years with us. {I actually had to stop typing and wipe tears off my keyboard, try explaining that to a non Great Dane person.} I was so upset after Barney left us that I refused to get another Great Dane, the grief was too overwhelming, that was over 20 years ago.

My wife Cheryl, who has owned two terriers and we had a Pitt Bull, constantly heard me taking about Cleo & Barney and always exclaimed, "they are just dogs!" After years of hearing about Great Danes and researching other GD owners and their stories, she wanted one. I resisted, still upset about my last two. I told her, your life will never be the same.


This brings us to Siggy, She is a 105 lb. 18 month old Great Dane that we received from the Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue in Pensacola, Florida. Cheryl picked her out. Once we were on the way home emotions got the best of me and I started sobbing uncontrollably, had to pull the SUV over. Cheryl was worried, and asked "is everything alright?" It was happiness about having another Great Dane.


We have had Siggy since February. Now Cheryl cries, when Siggy jumps up and puts her paws around her shoulders and hugs her, when Siggy kisses her or just climbs in her lap to show affection. She tells her own stories about Siggy, our Great Dane.


Now that she has joined the Great Dane family, my wife is starting to experience and believe in what the rest of us Great Dane people have known for years.....the joy of a Great Dane! This is why we started this site.

From another Great Dane owner.

Hi Cheryl and Rex,

Just a note to say a quick thanks for what you do.

Having been a "Dane Person" now for over 12 years I COMPLETELY understand your feelings of sharing your lives with Great Danes. I have never lived a day in my life without a dog in the home I was living in. My parents always had dogs and when my future wife and I moved in together she had a dog.

Our first Dane came into and changed our lives forever in 2008. His name was Amigo and he took my heart completely. He was a rescue (as all of our Danes have been) from a backyard breeder. He was a large 18 month old blue who had a head like a dinosaur. We soon found that he had almost no immune system and spent the next 2 or 3 years (and thousands of dollars) getting him healthy. No matter what he had to go through at the vet he did it as a true Gentle Giant. Once healthy he grew to almost fit the size of his enormous head. He was almost 190 pounds when he passed away overnight on our couch just a little over 8 years old. He is and always will be my Soul Dog. A piece of me left with him and I am a better person for having had him in my life.

We have had Amigo, Tippy and Oreo who have all crossed the bridge (Oreo was only 4 1/2 and died from Osteosarcoma). They were adopted from MAGDRL. Lola Vegas and Cash are with us now. They were adopted from Great Dane Rescue Alliance. I will have Danes in my life until I am physically no longer able to care for them as they deserve to be cared for.

Please keep doing what you do and know there are others out there who appreciate what you do. Thanks.

-Tom Bowie, MD

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