Great Dane Clothing is a division of Synergy Marketing & Design (click HERE for website) which was founded in 1998. Owned by Cheryl and Rex Mckee we are a company which provides a variety of business services; printing, uniforms, signage, embroidery, screen printing, to name a few.

Our Great Dane (Siggy) was adopted from The Northwest Florida Great Dane Rescue (NWFLGDR.com) in Pensacola, Florida. The work, effort and time that goes into these rescues is amazing! We wanted to support the tireless volunteers and the dogs that they save and give another chance at life. This is why this website was created. When you order anything listed on this site, you will be able to select which Great Dane Rescue you would like to support and 20% of all sales go directly to your chosen rescue paid at the end of the month.

We will also donate various items to the rescues: name tags, business cards, banners and more after a 90 day period.

Fill out this FORM to get your rescue listed on this site and start receiving 20% of all sales when selected. Form must be filled out by an officer of the rescue, and all submissions will be contacted and verified to confirm non-profit status.

Help us support these Gentle Giants

"Grab a tee, & save a GD!"

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